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Let me tell your story

Did you know that humans remember in images – not words? Memories can be awoken from what you hear, smell or feel – but the memory itself takes shape as vivid imagery. A mental photography, you could say. Brandwold Photography is a company that believes in the communicative force within a photograph and the importance of capturing valuable moments.

I have run my company since 2011 and in the fall of 2014, due to significant growth, I restructured to a limited company – Brandwold Creative AB. Working with me means straightforward and honest communication; I love to discuss ideas and to hear my clients’ stories. My curiosity and simplicity is apparent in my portfolio and my main focus, as a photographer, will always be to tell your story with my own unique touch and style. I want to capture that lover’s anticipation as they’re about to say their vows, grandparents pride as they see the grandkids grow up or the strength and the love in a family fighting disease. I want to portray real feelings between real people in a way that feels honest to you. Those are the kind of images you’ll want keep up on your wall or in an album to look back on and treasure forever.

As a client you can always expect professional results in terms of lighting, angles, positioning and of course the technical aspects of the shoot itself. Contrast gives your pictures more depth, wide angle and close-ups all have their advantages. You will find that I utilize a variety of techniques to capture the essence of what we’re trying to portray.

My perception is that one or a few pictures can never do a whole photo session justice. After you’ve ordered your wall art, there is plenty of beautiful photos left to create an album. This means that even if a certain picture doesn’t strike you or your partner as your favorite today, it may grow on you with time. I offer many high-quality products such as photo albums and prints, but because I don’t want to pressure my clients into anything, I offer pictures both in high-res (suitable for albums, prints) and low res (suitable for the web). This means there are no limits to what you can do with your pictures in the future. Of course everything will have been post-edited “the Brandwold style” (note, not air brushed) before you ever receive them to ensure they look their best.

My background as a marketing coordinator and work in graphic design allows me to structure every session like a mini-project and to deliver customized solutions in a variety of formats. In addition to my technical knowledge and experience, I take great pride in my people-skills; making sure everyone feels as comfortable in front of the lens as I do behind it. It’s my job as much as working the camera is. This trust and level of comfort is something I value dearly and my clients often tell me how at ease I make them feel.

My clients are a great source of inspiration for me; every wedding, every session is unique. Every idea deserves to be heard and from that we create your story, in pictures.


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